New Product: Sinaps-BA 1000

The skin is one of our organisms that gets dirty quite fast. Skin hygiene is important to get rid of wastes produced due to metabolism, parts of skin, sweat and dirt. Because all these factors prepare the right environment for the
disease-causing germs. Infections might occur if these gems live on the skin. In accordance with that, skin hygiene is quite important to maintain the integrity and health of the skin. But the required frequency of skin hygiene varies from one to another and the environment that one is living in. But the skin hygiene is at upmost importance for those who are partially or continuously dependent to a bed, paralyzed, unconscious, plastered, and who have urinary incontinence, encopresis, circulation problems and bad eating habits.

Our New Product SNS BA 1000

It is a product that enables your patients who are confined to bed or who have limited movement capacity to have bath on the matress.

With its concomitant electrical pump, you can inflate and deflate the pool unit with your patient still on it, and this process takes 5 minutes at the longest. There is also a head support in the product so that during a shower your patient can keep his/her head up and have a secure bathing experience.

Also, with its long bracket pipe and spray showering unit, you can wash all parts of your patient. After a bathing experience is completed or during a shower with its deflating unit you can get rid of used water and get the ideal
hygiene without splashing water around. As one of the best disinfectant that the infection control commitees approve is water, Sinaps BA-1000 is an indispensable and a useful product.