The new Sinaps mattress system and its superiorities compared to the known classic matresses.  A+B+C

21 Cells: From the head to the heels an effective treatment throughout your body. It drops the pressure on the epiderm below 32mmHg with its 13 cm high cells.

A+B+C System: Prolongs the position taking process (e.g. 10-12 hours). Desired and optimal protection against and treatment to bedsores. Effective at patients that weights up to 140 kgs.

Air Ventilation: Dries the wounds that has already occured(32 cells) and ,in long term, epithelises them. Dries the floor and by doing so minimizes the risk of fungal and bacterial infection at incontinence.

Bed Lining Features: Bacteriostatic effect and optimal infection control. You can also fasten the bed lining on the mattress.

Washing the bed lining on a washing machine: A complete sterilization and prevention of transfering the hospital flora to another hospital or your home.

Engine: With 8-10 liters of air pressure, provides ideal treatment and works in a complete silence.

Pressure Adjustment Depending on Weight: The opportunity of adjusting the pressure depending on the weight of the patient. Patients that weight up to 130 kgs can use the product.

Measures: 190 cm x 85 cm x 11 cm