It is a product designed for patients that have difficulty positioning themselves in a bed or the patients that have to live their lives partially dependent to a bed. This product positions the patient automatically for 8 minutes at pproximately 15-20 degrees at RIGHT/MIDDLE/LEFT directions. Thanks to this, you can prevent the risk of bedsores and treat the wounds that are already occured. You can maintain this protection 24/7 without disturbing the patient during his/her sleep.

You can set the weight of your patient manually and by doing so, provide optimal comfort for him/her. With the new pressure adjusting system, you can adjust the A+B+C air cylinders. This is a latest technology product that
provides you with optimal features that are required for treatment to and protection against bedsores and also patient care. You can also remove and wash its bed lining at will. It’s bed lining is made of a polyurethane material
that is the latest technology in the world. Thanks to that, air can pass through it but liquids can’t, also cleaning and placing the lining is a very simple process. There are 6 ventilation points on the bed to keep your patient’s back dry. This way the product eliminates one of the most crucial factors of bedsores, the humidity. With the button on the engine part, you can both reposition your patient and adjust the pressure system on the contact points, thus provide optimal protection and chance to recovery. This product is a lot affordable compared to its look-alikes. Patients up to 150-155 kgs can easily use this product.

Moreover, it has a couple of CPR on it so that in emergencies the product will not encumber you. If one of the
clynders on the matress explodes or pierced, you can just switch the damaged cylinder and keep using your device. The Alarm part on the engine warns you visually if there’s low pressure or some kind of malfunction. Via this alarm
system, this device offers you optimal protection from and treatment to bedsores that any other device can not, and also helps you to use the product to its full capacity.

Bed Measures: 200 * 90 * 20cm